Friendly Conversation


I was raised on the border of Mexico and Arizona. When I was in 7th grade, I went on a walk with two friends to buy a toy that I had saved up for! I paid $24 for a cheaply cratfed butterfly knife. It was black with red speckles, with a chrome blade. I was the happiest kid alive that day. I remember taking it to school and enjoying the conversation with the tough kids in the back of the bus. I was pretty quite and a bit of a loner at the time. In retospect, I realize that I tought that, somehow, the knife made me a better or more interesting person. Having it made me more likable.

This piece is a  recreated momento to remember that time in my life. I had the desire to feel “cool” and to be envied. I never liked to brag of show off, but I felt good to be admired. I can’t remember many times before this where I felt I really wanted to impress others. It was an early stage of the development of my ego.

Lowrider Construction


I’m working on the structure for the new lowrider sculpture. I’m excited about how its coming together. Its a bit bigger than the first one I built. I have many more resources to fabricate metal and wooden parts this time around, and things are coming together pretty well.

I used a blade to cut out the body’s shape from 1/8″ plywood. I then sandwiched the ply together with wood glue, and clamped them while they held the arc i wanted. I used the weight of the clamps on opposite ends to sag the front and rear end, creating the curve. When the top and bottom sheets are curved, theyre glued and nailed together using more ply. Next comes the sides of the body, cutting weel-wells and interior compartment, and lining the body with a sculpting material. Many questions are still unanswered, but I’ll figure it all out as I work.



I was recently a featured artist on and was asked to be a part of a short interview for I was happy to tell about what inspired me. I was surprised to learn a bit about myself in the process. The questions really made me think from a different perspective. I was excited to hear the news yesterday that the story posted, titled, The Incredible Childhood Inspired Artwork of Adan Banuelos.

“When asked who he most looks up to in the art world, Banuelos proudly says his father. His dad, an immigrant from Mexico, might’ve had a huge impact on Banuelos’ style but he never became a full time artist; he’s a janitor. Says Banuelos, ‘My dad was, and still is, a very talented, self-taught muralist and sign maker. He always had side jobs and spent most his free time in the garage and job sites. I loved watching him paint. I learned a lot about lettering and composition.’ “

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Creative Machines


I’ve been working at Creative Machines for a few years now. I have the luck to work at an awesome shop where a lot of interesting interactive machines and artwork are made.  This is the piece, Toby, which is downtown on Scott Ave. Theres always something interesting going on here at work.


This is one of the projects I’ve had the opportunity to work on. I welded, assembled and tested this piece. It is 1 of 100, part of a limited edition series for well-known artist, George Rhoads. Im working on putting together the last 15 of these. I’m also helping put together the design concept for the new limited edition set.

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I’m finishing up my portfolio for my applications to design school. I finally got a chance to take decent  pictures of some larger sketches that don’t fit on the scanner.  This still life drawing of a sneaker, conceptual drawing of a bicycle, and ideation drawing of a transparent lowrider sculpture are what I’m hoping will get me into school.

More on the lowrider sculpture soon!

Lowrider Art


This is a sculpture that I built in high school. It’s roughly 4 feet by 3 feet, and about 2 feet tall. It’s made of plywood and a high-density sculpting foam. It took me two weeks, day and night , to complete. 

 This is definitely my favorite piece out of all my work, and I’ve been wanting to build a bigger and better version since I graduated. This summer I’m finally putting all other things aside to start its construction. It will be a long proccess involving models, testing, and learing how to work with new materials. An idea I’m most excited about is building a transparent body out of acrylic, showingfoam seats and stainless parts. The first model, however, will be made of wood and, unlike the original, consist of moving parts.

cm lowrider

Check out the link to at the bottom of the page. Its a cool website put together by Pharrell where people show and talk about music, clothing, painting, and all types of art. I’m a featured artist on their homepage.