No Fine Line

I have continuously questioned my desire of the things I want. I have noticed, in myself and others, that many of us develop habits from our wish to have things. Over-spending, selfishness, obsession, and addiction can drastically affect the way a person lives his or her life.

There was a time in life where desire was simple. A blanket or stuffed animal could put us to sleep. My artwork reflects on the transition of simple, innocent desires to negative, obsessive desires. I work around this idea because when I think about life and about what I want from myself, I think of my childhood and the happy years I shared with my family. I am constantly reminded of priceless memories that have nothing to do with any of the dreams and desires I have now. Beautiful moments that could never be replaced. Remembering those moments makes me take a hard look at what my priorities are in life.

This piece is a collage of black and white photographs which analyze an aspect of this transition. The photos focus intently on the sneakers, jeans, accessories and so on, illustrating an obsessive and self-conscious attention to detail.

Jordan One

This one of may favorite pairs I own, along with the all-gray TKs and my lime green SBs. I have to admit, I was not brought up with the luxury of always having cool new sneakers. I never owned a pair of Jordans as a kid. I honestly never cared about shoes until high school. Funny how our priorities change so drastically!

I’m working on a sculptural piece that I’m very excited about. It’s an idea that I had a long time ago, right around the time that I started painting. Also, I recently recieved an invitation to participate in a group show at Lulubell Toy Bodega.

Updated Concept

It’s important to me to polish ideas as I get closer to the building stages of a project. It’s necessary keep an eye out for details in order to execute a complete, well organized concept.

I’m excited to get this project into the metal shop! The structure will be made of steel and wood, and topped with glass. When foirst sketching this up, I was aiming for innovative, unconventional structure and use of materials. I like how things are coming along. I’m expecting some trouble with structural issues and costs. In any case, I am very excited to work through the difficulties and see the piece finished, and on the gallery floor!


The plans for my next exhibit are slowly moving forward. I am working on a few things that I haven’t gotten around to posting here on the blog. So it might not look like a lots getting done, but things are coming along.

“The most important parts are the ones that are unseen. Wings dont make you fly, and a crown don’t make you king.” -Lupe Fiasco