Lowrider Art


This is a sculpture that I built in high school. It’s roughly 4 feet by 3 feet, and about 2 feet tall. It’s made of plywood and a high-density sculpting foam. It took me two weeks, day and night , to complete. 

 This is definitely my favorite piece out of all my work, and I’ve been wanting to build a bigger and better version since I graduated. This summer I’m finally putting all other things aside to start its construction. It will be a long proccess involving models, testing, and learing how to work with new materials. An idea I’m most excited about is building a transparent body out of acrylic, showingfoam seats and stainless parts. The first model, however, will be made of wood and, unlike the original, consist of moving parts.

cm lowrider

Check out the link to Artst.com at the bottom of the page. Its a cool website put together by Pharrell where people show and talk about music, clothing, painting, and all types of art. I’m a featured artist on their homepage.

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