Friendly Conversation


I was raised on the border of Mexico and Arizona. When I was in 7th grade, I went on a walk with two friends to buy a toy that I had saved up for! I paid $24 for a cheaply cratfed butterfly knife. It was black with red speckles, with a chrome blade. I was the happiest kid alive that day. I remember taking it to school and enjoying the conversation with the tough kids in the back of the bus. I was pretty quite and a bit of a loner at the time. In retospect, I realize that I tought that, somehow, the knife made me a better or more interesting person. Having it made me more likable.

This piece is a  recreated momento to remember that time in my life. I had the desire to feel “cool” and to be envied. I never liked to brag of show off, but I felt good to be admired. I can’t remember many times before this where I felt I really wanted to impress others. It was an early stage of the development of my ego.

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