No Fine Line

I have continuously questioned my desire of the things I want. I have noticed, in myself and others, that many of us develop habits from our wish to have things. Over-spending, selfishness, obsession, and addiction can drastically affect the way a person lives his or her life.

There was a time in life where desire was simple. A blanket or stuffed animal could put us to sleep. My artwork reflects on the transition of simple, innocent desires to negative, obsessive desires. I work around this idea because when I think about life and about what I want from myself, I think of my childhood and the happy years I shared with my family. I am constantly reminded of priceless memories that have nothing to do with any of the dreams and desires I have now. Beautiful moments that could never be replaced. Remembering those moments makes me take a hard look at what my priorities are in life.

This piece is a collage of black and white photographs which analyze an aspect of this transition. The photos focus intently on the sneakers, jeans, accessories and so on, illustrating an obsessive and self-conscious attention to detail.

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