My latest project has been an ongoing work-in-progress. Over the past year, I have been taking small steps towards one larger goal. The project is called Born1985. It builds on the essence of surprise, mischief, humor and curiosity. I’ve been analyzing my connection to objects and how those connections stem from human nature. The object I am making feel like commercial products but they are designed in an artistic way that allude to raw and simple human feelings.

Vintage Lock

Lately I have been asking myself why I continue to draw. I have slowed down on the amount of personal art work I do because of the time and effort my job requires. But for some reason I still like to take a few minutes a week to draw. The exercise of drawing by hand has become a bit of a  habit. Although I don’t go through sketchbooks as quickly as I used to, I still enjoy the occasional sketch or still life.

RAW Artist Event



I showed drawings, a painting and the Tripod Stool at the RAW Artists Event here in Tucson last week. I don’t have nearly enough free time to do many events so I took this opportunity to show a variety of pieces. These are some of the small projects I have been up to in last 6 months. The painting is a slightly abstracted depiction of a shoe lace. It is painted in acrylic on a wooden panel. I designed the panel itself to slide open to be used as storage space or as a secret compartment.

Lulubell Group Show

The opening for Almost True last saturday was a lot of fun. Lulubell is one of the absolute coolest places in Tucson, without a doubt! I am really happy to be a part of another exhibit at the gallery. I am currently showing the shoelace painting, Delusions of Grandeur and the 4 foot tall butterfly knife, Friendly Conversation.

My working process has really slowed down since I started school. I am enjoying the classes I’m taking, but I miss the flexability I had that allowed me to focus on making artwork. Also, I wish I had more time to write out my thoughts and plans here on the blog. I have come to realize that blogging isn’t only a way to show my work process and finished pieces, but it is a good way of logging ideas and patterns of thought for my own record and reflection.

Visit to check out my pieces that are for sale, and to see more of the artwork!

Thanks to every one who showed up !

No Fine Line

I have continuously questioned my desire of the things I want. I have noticed, in myself and others, that many of us develop habits from our wish to have things. Over-spending, selfishness, obsession, and addiction can drastically affect the way a person lives his or her life.

There was a time in life where desire was simple. A blanket or stuffed animal could put us to sleep. My artwork reflects on the transition of simple, innocent desires to negative, obsessive desires. I work around this idea because when I think about life and about what I want from myself, I think of my childhood and the happy years I shared with my family. I am constantly reminded of priceless memories that have nothing to do with any of the dreams and desires I have now. Beautiful moments that could never be replaced. Remembering those moments makes me take a hard look at what my priorities are in life.

This piece is a collage of black and white photographs which analyze an aspect of this transition. The photos focus intently on the sneakers, jeans, accessories and so on, illustrating an obsessive and self-conscious attention to detail.

New Perspective

A vacation can be a great way to open up one’s mind to new creative posabilities. I had the chance to fly to San Francisco for my birthday and I came home with a slighly new perspective on things.

As an artist, I am very critical of my own work. I often forget to value the small yet important things throughout my work process.  I think that in life, we forget to value the things around us and within ourselves because of the context in which we see things. On my trip, I noticed how beautiful simple things can be. When planning and working on projects, I aim for bigger and bolder. I often forget about simplicity and delicateness. I have missed the beauty in pencil lines and simple sketches. When I was in San Francisco, I saw hundreds of awesome yet simple things waiting to be appreciated and experienced.

All together the trip was great. I visited SFMOMA, YBAC, and a few small galleries. I also visited creative brands HUF, The Hundreds, Kidrobot, Fatlace, Super 7, Giant Robot, TRUE, and of course Nike! And, of course, the city itself was beautiful and inspiring.