Stool Design

The human invention of tools is a pivotal moment in the history of man. It separated us from animals. It carried us to a new level of existence and elevated us to the top of the food chain. When man used his hands to master tooling and crafting he became a whole new being. Ever since, people have handed down ideas and methods of creation along to the following generations. I love to see skilled, hand-crafted work. I have a lot of respect for people who learn to master techniques in various trades and artforms. As I grow as an artist, I keep my eyes focused on mastering my execution of ideas; balancing the big picture and the small details.


Barber Joe


I like to study how the objects we value somehow become us. The things we try to acquire and choose to keep say something about each one of us. As much as I enjoy drawing things I like, I enjoy opening up to things around me. My friend Joe recently lent me a set of his clippers so I could draw them. I wouldn’t call this a portrait of him but the drawing does suit him.

“Draw What You See…”

Here’s a new drawing. I like working on these small pieces. The detail demands a lot of attention and it makes my mind sink into the work. I constantly remember my junior high art teacher, Mr. Randolph, who always told me, “Draw what you see, not what you think you see.”

Desktop Drawings

Sometimes the process of creating pulls me toward a direction I don’t plan on going in. Some projects just somehow piece themselves together. Here’s the latest drawing.

Keeping Busy

Here’s another drawing from December. I’ve been keeping busy with a few new things. I am taking a gallery/museum practices class and a design class at Pima Community College. I’m also in the middle of painting a small piece for a show called Almost True: based on true events.The show will open Saturday March 3rd at Lulubell Toy Bodega. I’ll post a picture of the finished piece when I finish it.

I am showing some of my work at the student gallery at the Pima West Campus, a hallway above the cafeteria that leads to the presidents office. I hung two new painting, the set of butterfly knives and the black chair. I’ll post images of the paintings as soon as I get back in there with a good camera.