Slider Motor Design

I designed this for a friend’s Slider. I sketched it out, edited it in illustrator and laser printed it onto the Slider. Check out the BORN1985 website to see more Slider pictures.

Under Construction


The car sculpture is coming along. I’ve had two other projects in the works since I began and I’m starting to move forward on this again. There are many problems to solve along the way, but I’m extremely excited about the finished product!

Lowrider Construction


I’m working on the structure for the new lowrider sculpture. I’m excited about how its coming together. Its a bit bigger than the first one I built. I have many more resources to fabricate metal and wooden parts this time around, and things are coming together pretty well.

I used a blade to cut out the body’s shape from 1/8″ plywood. I then sandwiched the ply together with wood glue, and clamped them while they held the arc i wanted. I used the weight of the clamps on opposite ends to sag the front and rear end, creating the curve. When the top and bottom sheets are curved, theyre glued and nailed together using more ply. Next comes the sides of the body, cutting weel-wells and interior compartment, and lining the body with a sculpting material. Many questions are still unanswered, but I’ll figure it all out as I work.