Art Exhibit Coming Up!


A few months ago, Ruben Urrea Moreno and Rock CYFI Martinez invited me to show some artwork with them. The date is slowly approaching! It’s been exciting working with these guys and planning everything out. Still lots of work to do, but the hard work will be worth it!

Lulubell Group Show

The opening for Almost True last saturday was a lot of fun. Lulubell is one of the absolute coolest places in Tucson, without a doubt! I am really happy to be a part of another exhibit at the gallery. I am currently showing the shoelace painting, Delusions of Grandeur and the 4 foot tall butterfly knife, Friendly Conversation.

My working process has really slowed down since I started school. I am enjoying the classes I’m taking, but I miss the flexability I had that allowed me to focus on making artwork. Also, I wish I had more time to write out my thoughts and plans here on the blog. I have come to realize that blogging isn’t only a way to show my work process and finished pieces, but it is a good way of logging ideas and patterns of thought for my own record and reflection.

Visit to check out my pieces that are for sale, and to see more of the artwork!

Thanks to every one who showed up !