“Utilize” Opening


Saturday’s opening at Conrad Wilde went really well. The place was packed from open to close! It was great to be there working next to excellent artists and designers. I can’t wait to work on my next projects and planning my next art exhibition!

The show is open until the 31st. Visit the gallery’s website for business hours.




As an aspiring industrial designer, a lot of my ideas are in the direction of 3 dimensional form. I’ve been working on a few designs for a gallery exhibit of contemporary furiture. This is something I came up with on Rhino 3D. I’ll start working on the actual prototype in the next week.

Creative Machines


I’ve been working at Creative Machines for a few years now. I have the luck to work at an awesome shop where a lot of interesting interactive machines and artwork are made.  This is the piece, Toby, which is downtown on Scott Ave. Theres always something interesting going on here at work.


This is one of the projects I’ve had the opportunity to work on. I welded, assembled and tested this piece. It is 1 of 100, part of a limited edition series for well-known artist, George Rhoads. Im working on putting together the last 15 of these. I’m also helping put together the design concept for the new limited edition set.

Visit www.CreativeMachines.com to see what other cool stuff we do.