’96 Pippens Drawing

This is one of my latest drawings. These are one of my favorites sneakers. I remember seeing older kids with these when I was younger. I wanted them back then but I didn’t get them until a couple years ago.

Drawings: Continued

Sketching is not only the reason I fell in love with art and design, it’s also the way most big projects start out. Drawing can be the beginning of a long journey to a completed, finished work. A lot can be delivered through a small sketch. This series of shoe drawings captivates my enthusiasm for sneaker in simple, small scale sketches. I drew shoes that I like, and some that I’m proud to own. The drawings capture the simplicity in sneakers. I compare their casual beauty to simple pencil lines and texture.



I’m finishing up my portfolio for my applications to design school. I finally got a chance to take decent  pictures of some larger sketches that don’t fit on the scanner.  This still life drawing of a sneaker, conceptual drawing of a bicycle, and ideation drawing of a transparent lowrider sculpture are what I’m hoping will get me into school.

More on the lowrider sculpture soon!